Consolato Onorario della Repubblica del Rwanda in Milano



The Community Servants of Mary of the Heart of Jesus is a community of Brazilian origin founded in 1997 by a couple: Ana Rita (nicknamed Maezinha) and her husband José Tavares de Melo (called Paezinho). In that year she suddenly had a special calling from God and began to make available to the poor all the wealth of their family.

Like many new communities, the Community CSMCJ, canonically established as a private association of the faithful, feels the strong appeal of the new evangelization through the experience and testimony of Christ’s love.

The Community life, mission and social activities are supported by prayer.

The Community’s homes are in Brazil, Colombia, Italy, Portugal, France and Rwanda, where they are dedicated to spiritual and material assistance to the needy of those areas.

The CSMCJ lives exclusively of donations and need your help to go on with the mission!